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Booster Club Instagram Reels And Why They Are So Important

Booster Club Instagram Reels And Why They Are So Important

Before we go any further, what is an Instagram Reel? An Instagram Reel  is a short video that quickly gives a highlight, laugh, how to or instant that your followers can enjoy and engage with. The goal of your booster club Instagram Reels  is content that is entertaining, a bit like a Tik Tok videos and just beyond an animated GIF.  Confused?  We understand, so to put it another way, booster club instagram reels are simply short videos (15 seconds usually) that are designed purely for engaging your followers. It also gives you extra editing capabilities like text and sticker overlays.

So why should you care about creating booster club Instagram Reels?  Because they work!  By work, we mean they engage your audience better, and they help increase your ability to be found by new followers on Instagram!


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Why are Instagram reels important? 

If Instagram is key to your booster club marketing strategy, then your booster club Instagram Reels need to be central to your social media strategy.  Instagram has morphed over the years and along the way they found that video – especially short videos were more engaging to followers. In almost every case, when an account starts incorporating Instagram Reels into their posting strategy, they see an increase in engagement and followers.  Because Reels are more entertaining, they are now outperforming image posts.

To better understand why  your booster club Instagram reels are so important to begin creating, here are some highlights!

  • You can create a quality 15-second of video content (many commercials are this length).
  • Reels allow more time than Instagram stories, plus Reels let you add music and filters.
  • Reels filter options allow adjustments to audio, and AR effects giving your videos enhanced audio quality
  • Instagram Reels are more likely show up on the  explore page.
  • Reels consistently increase the interaction between followers and the Instagram profile
  • Reels with hashtags are promoted by Instagram more than traditional image posts – make sure you include some hashtags!


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Best practices when creating booster club Instagram Reels

Ok so now you are sold on the positive impact your booster club Instagram Reels can have. Now lets talk about what you should know when you create your reels!  To make sure your efforts aren’t in vain, it is important to follow some of the best practices for creating your booster club Instagram Reels.

First and foremost, make sure you film your reels in vertial format. Horizontal videos can work, but Instagram prefers vertical, so lets not make things harder for ourselves. Second, do not pilfer copywritten music. In fact, Instagram PREFERS you use their music library – so unless you write your own music, lets keep it simple and stick to the Instagram Reels music library.  Third, utulize their text and sticker editing tools.  Instagram favors Reels that use these editing tools, not that you have to go crazy, but just include one or two or three depending on the video. Finally, as you would suspect, make sure your content is interesting and related to your profile focus.  Try to find engaging content that relates to your booster club, and what your supporters are interested in – think entertaining or inspiring!

A word to the wise – while there are best practices to consider, also beware of the following pitfalls when creating your booster club instagram reels:

  • Make sure your videos are clear and not blurry
  • That your booster club instagram reels DO NOT have a border around them
  • Make sure your Reels do not have the majority of the image covered by text
  • Do not even consider uploading anything that does not meet Instagram’s Community Guidelines


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Ideas and Directions for Instagram Reels Content 

Now that we have covered the basics of what Instagram likes to see in Reels, its time to create a Reel! But wait, what should your booster club Instagram Reels be about? The answer is stick to what Instagram wants to see – entertaining, inspirational or outlandishly creative.  While it seems very limiting, it actually can span a wide range of ideas and content.

For instance if you are running the basketball booster club, maybe you want to set up some team members to do special tricks during basketball practice.  Creative editing, utilizing Instagram Reels stickers, text and music and you can have something really amazing. But that is just one idea!  If you sit down with your booster club, perhaps the coach and some of the players – there are any number of options for Reels content.  Think highlight reels, player profile reels, team travel reels and on and on!

Athletics might seem like an easy win on social media – what if your club supports something like the Debate Team? Well the same strategies apply.  Maybe your team has a topic of the week focus and a member delivers a 15 second engaging speech.  Or what if your debate team debates each other in 15 seconds? Not to mention your booster club instagram reels can also include team member profiles, highlights, travel reels as well.

At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you sketch out a strategy for creating your booster club Instagram Reels. Determing how many you can feasibly create and how often you can release them (hint: more is better). Furthermore you will also need to determine some top level direction for your reels.  Last, once you have ideas and you start executing, remember everything is a test.  If something doesn’w work, no problem – move onto the next idea and see how that goes!  Get creative and once you get in the flow, your booster club will reap the rewards!


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In the end Instagram Reels are another tool in the marketing and social media toolbox. How you approach and utulize this tool to your booster club’s benefit is up to you.  While it may seem like an tedious proccess to create your booster club Reels, if your club relies on Instagram engagement, Reels may be vital to your future growth. With a little planning, some practice and testing, there is no doubt you can make engaging, fun and unique Instagram Reels for your booster club. Now go get creative!

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