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Booster Club Holiday Fundraising Sales That Really Work

Booster Club Holiday Fundraising Sales That Really Work

As the holidays fall upon us, it’s important to remember that the generosity in the air often leads to higher booster club holiday fundraising sales. People are more willing to give money, knowing that it is going to a good cause. A lot of the reason behind this has to do with the joyfulness and peace that comes with the later months. This is why your booster club must focus on fundraising over the holidays so that you can profit from other’s generosity.

During the colder months of the year, many fundraisers will simply not work out. No one wants their car washed, knowing it will turn to ice within a matter of minutes, and your booster club members may not wish to stand outside with signs directing people to an outdoor event. This is perfectly okay as there are still several great holiday fundraisers available that can help with your booster club holiday fundraising sales. The best part is that many are cold-weather friendly!


Booster Club Holidays Fundraising Sales ideas

Booster Club Holiday Fundraising Sales Ideas

Increasing your booster club holiday fundraising sales with holiday-specific fundraisers is a great way to diversify your fundraisers. Two major holidays to keep in mind is Christmas and Chanukkah. Depending on your booster clubs’ religious affiliations, you may feel comfortable offering fundraisers for one or both of these holidays. 


Hanukah Holiday Fundraising Sale

Chanukkah Fundraising Sales

Offering sale fundraisers that include Chanukkah items can be a great way to make money. Some major money-making ideas could include selling:

By purchasing candles or dreidels at a discounted price and reselling, you can make a good amount of money for your booster club. You can also custom make any of these items and sell for a larger profit margin if you have crafty members within your booster club.


Christmas Booster Club Holiday Fundraising Sales Ideas

Christmas Fundraising Sales

Christmas is, without a doubt, the largest and most profitable holiday of the year. It is so widely advertised it makes for a great way to gain booster club support if you market it just right. With the added profitability of the holidays comes the need for more volunteers to help make your booster club holiday fundraising sales successful. You can achieve both an increase in revenue as well as an increase in volunteers with proper communication with your community and school.

Some different booster club holiday fundraising sales that you can do include:

  • Handmade ornaments
  • Holiday decorations
  • Holiday-themed bakesale
  • X-mas tree sales
  • Holiday gift-wrapping

Handmade ornaments can be made easily and could be made in a way that includes the school spirit. Selling clear ornaments filled with school colors or a small souvenir that references the school can be a great selling point to parents wanting to support their school’s booster club. 


Christmas Door Wreath

Handmade decorations such as Christmas door wreaths are another great selling project. With many companies, you can buy different wreath styles and then decorate them yourself to sell for profit.

Bake sales do great almost any time of the year, but they seem to do exceptionally well during the holidays because that is the season for baking, and many people want delicious homebaked goods.

X-mas tree sales are another great fundraiser because so many people are looking for Christmas trees. People would be willing to spend a few dollars more knowing that they’re supporting their booster club than to buy from a tree farm. You may even find people willing to pay more for a fully decorated Christmas tree if you wanted to offer that option as well.


Partner With local businesses for Holiday Slaes Fundraisers

Holiday Fundraising Sales Partnerships

Another great holiday fundraiser to consider is a partnership between businesses and your booster club. While having booster club holiday fundraising, sales can be successful. They can also be a lot of work. Much like partnering with a restaurant, a booster club can partner with a company to make a profit without so much legwork.

Consider joining forces with a local Christmas tree farm to get a percentage of the sales on specific days. Then your booster club can drive traffic and sales to the tree farm for those days and make a decent amount of booster club holiday fundraising sales from the profits gained.

It’s a win-win situation in which the tree farm can sell their trees, giving them more business and less leftover products at the end of the year, and it gives your booster club revenue and advertisement. 

If you decide to go into business with a local tree farm, you’ll definitely want to get the collaboration together early. The sooner, the better. Most tree farms start setting up in November, and this is a great time to discuss your booster club holiday fundraising sales and goals with them. 

Christmas Tree Farm

Together you can work out a plan that includes all of the details from: 

  • When the event will be including date and time.
  • What the buyer has to do to help your booster club (do they have to show a flyer, mention your group, or simply show up during that set date and time?)
  • How will the finances be presented to the booster club and when they can be expected by.
  • All the documentation that needs recording. The tree farm will more than likely want a copy of your nonprofit letter so that they can write off the fundraiser as a tax deduction.
  • Will any of your booster club volunteers need to be present, and if so, what can they do to help physically?
  • Will they be allowed to present flyers at the door to strangers in an attempt to gain more fundraising sales?

These are all crucial details to discuss with the tree farm, and once everything has been discussed and agreed upon, you can start promoting the event to gain attention and drive in the traffic and sales.

Don’t forget that this holiday partnership isn’t exclusive to tree farmers. There are still plenty of other holiday-related partnerships that your booster club could take advantage of to help drive in the fundraising sales. Look in your local community and see what’s available to you in your area. You may just find the perfect holiday fundraiser that your booster club has been searching for.

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