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Best Booster Club Accounting Software for 2019

Best Booster Club Accounting Software for 2019

With booster clubs being a non-profit organization trying to raise money for school programs, it makes sense that you would need the best booster club accounting software to help manage your finances.

Keeping track of all of the money is much more difficult when you have so many different revenue streams or expenses. While you can simply go old-school and use paper and pencil, you could also use a hired professional bookkeeper. But neither of these options are perfect.

If your pencil math is wrong, you’ll have to look hard to find the mistake and correct it. This will eat away at your valuable time and cause you a lot of stress over managing your group’s finances.

While a hired professional may not be wrong, they may not help you to really understand your group’s money situation. Plus, they cost a lot of money and if your booster club isn’t financially prepared for that, it’s best to try and do it yourself. Reserve the professionals for a few hours before submitting the important tax documents if you have any questions or doubt in your accounting skills.

Booster Club Accounting Software that is easy to use with alot of features

What is a good 2019 Booster club accounting software that’s easy enough to understand, but that also gives you a lot of options?

You want the best booster club accounting software that helps with your booster club finances and fits all of your needs, for a price that’s fair. With no two groups being exactly the same, you need one that can conform to your group’s needs. Your booster club accounting should be taken seriously, so think long and hard about what your current and future needs are so that you can find the best booster club accounting software for your group.

So let’s take a look at some of the best nonprofit accounting software and what it can you for your booster club bookkeeping.

The best booster club accounting software programs

Aplos Accounting Software for Booster Clubs and Nonprofits

Aplos for booster club accounting

Aplos was created with non-profits in mind. They want to help you succeed at documenting and tracking all of the donations your booster club will be receiving. With them having cloud-based technology, you can access your account on a computer, smartphone or tablet no matter where you are. This makes it great for booster club meetings when you want to show the most updated financial records.

With Aplos currently being used by over 40,000 organizations worldwide and having a support team available for all packages, it’s a great choice for your booster club. Packages for Aplos currently start as low as $25.

Blackbaud Accounting Software for Booster Clubs and Nonprofits

Blackbaud bookkeeping management software

Similar to Aplos, Blackbaud was made with nonprofit organizations in mind. What makes Blackbaud so amazing is that is can not only track your past and current financial reports, but it also helps to plan the future too. With the financial planning and analysis tools, you can budget years into the future.

You’ll be able to see where your biggest profits are coming from, giving you the knowledge you need to make sure you exploit that market stream and make even more money if you choose to do so. You can also track grants, and feel confident that your numbers are right. Blackbaud has a system that eliminates duplicate data entry, thereby reducing the risk of an accounting mistake. This could definitely be the best booster club accounting software for a booster club with solid goals in mind.

Sage Intacct Software for Booster Clubs and Nonprofits

Sage Intacct accounting software

Sage Intacct is another cloud-based accounting software. This one is perfect for a booster member to manage even if they don’t have a lot of real-life experience with accounting software. The tutorials, videos and “how-to” informational programs offered by Sage Intacct are great.

With your package will come a 24/7 operation and great customer support.

Quickbooks Accounting Software for Booster Clubs and Nonprofits

Quickbooks for booster club accounting

Whether you think that QuickBooks is the best booster club accounting software or not, you probably agree that it’s the accounting software most commonly talked about. Companies everywhere, both non-profit and for-profit use QuickBooks for their financial tracking needs.

Not only do they offer an easy to use and colorful interface, but they also have very cheap rates. You can get them for as low as $10 a month! So if your booster club isn’t rolling in the dough just yet, and you need a tracking program that both cheap and easy- Quickbooks might just be for you.

Zoho Books Accounting Software for Booster Clubs and Nonprofits

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is another accounting software that can help with your booster club management. What makes it so incredible is that even with its a low monthly fee, you still get a great user-friendly experience. They even have a featured invoice system where you can create and facilitate online payments.

Zoho Books keeps track of sponsors who’ve donated to your group, the amount they donated and even stores them as possible contacts so you can seek more money later. It also helps manage the taxes associated with donations.

Xero Accounting Software for Booster Clubs and Nonprofits

Xero accounting and bookkeeping

Xero is cloud-based accounting software that can help you stay focused on your booster clubs financial goals. By being able to track grants, expenses and donations you can feel confident in your cash-flowing process. It’s also a great program for nonprofits because it allows your organization to track volunteers.

Wave Accounting Software for Booster Clubs and Nonprofits

Wave accounting software for Booster clubs

The state-of-the-art automation technology is what really helps you to be successful with this Wave software, but what makes it even better is the receipt scanning tool. With fundraisers, there comes out of pocket expenses. Not everything can be paid for online, so being able to track and keep a good record of those tiny easy-to-lose paper receipts is great for making sure you don’t miss any monies in your boost club accounting. Wave is an easy to use platform that also does an invoice, payment processing and helps to speed up your tax preparation.

The takeaway:

You want to be able to provide some financial records at every meeting so that everyone in the booster club can know where the group stands. So look hard at your choices and find the best booster club accounting software that works for you. When in doubt, look for free trials to give the programs a good test-run.  Need more help managing your booster club?  Take a look at other helpful articles on the Booostr booster club blog!

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