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5 Unique Ways to Promote Your Booster Club Online for Free

5 Unique Ways to Promote Your Booster Club Online for Free

Running a booster club involves managing a lot of different tasks all at once, which means that it’s easy to set some aside while others take the lead. One of the tasks that you don’t want to set aside too long is making an effort to promote your booster club.

Being proactive with your booster clubs promotions is a great way to get more involvement within the community, gain more volunteers, and ultimately receive more donations and contributions to help with your endeavors.

One of the best ways to promote your booster club is online. Currently, the world is being driven by technology-based products, and more people find themselves online every day. This creates a great opportunity to get your booster club visibly seen by a large target audience if you promoted it online.

Check out these 5 easy ways that you can promote your booster club online for free!


Give public recognition of your past supporters to help promote your booster club

1. Publicly Recommend your Past Supporters and Donors

One of the best ways to show that you have an established booster club is by showing examples of past-relationships with companies and sponsors. People are more willing to help volunteer, donate, or contribute to a cause if they see that it is already receiving some assistance from other means. This is simply due in part to how it is perceived as being more trustworthy.

If you have held events of any kind and received sponsors, donors, and supporters, make sure that you use your online presence to thank them. Doing this will help you in many different ways including:

  1. It shows a higher level of trust and goodwill, which can result in more monetary contributions.
  2. Companies that provide sponsorship love online feedback as it helps their company as well. Plus, it helps to “seal the deal” and create a relationship between your booster club and their company, making it easier for future contributions to be made.
  3. It promotes your booster club’s activities, and that can result in more volunteers and active involvement for your booster club.

Showing off your past supporters is as simple as creating a social media post, just make sure to include:

  • Text (talk about what happened, who helped, how it helped and the results)
  • Graphics (if you have any images from that event, showing them can help to illustrate your text.)
  • Tag the company or people that provided the sponsorship and make sure to mention your big thank you.

Showing your gratitude can also benefit your booster club if the company decides to share your post on their page, as this helps you to reach more viewers!


Build support for your booster club by offering a badge to partner websites.

2. Give Supporters a Badge or Banner for their Website

Another great way to help promote your booster club online is after a company or organization has contributed help to your booster club, by offering them something that can be proudly displayed on their websites such as a badge or banner.

This is a small graphic that would be displayed on their page, showing that they endorse and trust your booster club. When people visit their website, they’ll see the graphic that’s promoting your booster club and may be inclined to learn more.

With any luck, you may also receive a link back to your own booster club website from that graphic so that viewers can go directly to your page and see how they can help you.

This badge isn’t one-sided because while it may be helping to promote your booster club, it also helps to increase the company’s customer loyalty and trust in their business, thereby creating a win-win scenario.


Create an animated video to promote your booster club

3. Make an Animated Video to Promote Your Booster Club

With so many people online and scrolling through social media, attention spans are short. Graphics and videos catch viewing eyes, and by creating an animated video for your booster club, you can promote your booster club for free and get plenty of eyes viewing your content.

Making a short animation doesn’t require fancy computer software or degrees in design. You can easily create a short 2-minute video using a website called (no affiliation). They offer several templates which can allow you to mix graphics and written words to create an amazing video that your booster club can proudly promote.

You can use these videos to:

  • Highlight your booster clubs achievements
  • Show your booster club’s purpose
  • Highlight past events and sponsors
  • Encourage people to volunteer

Starting with something eye-catching like “Over the past year, we’ve been able to supply X number of scholarships…” can really help to draw attention to your video and possibly have people share it with their friends and family as well.


Consider writing an article and posting it on Linkedin to increase your booster club visibility

4. Linkedin Article to Promote Your Booster Club

LinkedIn is a networking site dedicated to professionals and businesses or people seeking employment. That being said, it can also be a great place to promote your booster club online for free. Besides asking your volunteers to list your booster club in their own profiles, you can actually create an article to share on the platform.

For creating the article, think of some common questions that may be asked by someone who knows nothing about your booster club. Some examples may include:

  • What is a booster club?
  • What is your booster club’s focus?
  • What changes have you been able to create as a result of your booster club’s efforts?
  • How can someone get involved?

Including an image of your booster club in action or another great photo that shows the purpose and mission of the booster club can help to draw more reading eyes and may even pull at the heartstrings of the reader.

After uploading the article, you can copy the URL and send it to your volunteers, asking that they share the article to boost online promotion. Simply saying, “check out the booster club I volunteer with” is enough of a call to action and minimizes the effort on their part, making it much more likely that they’ll follow through.


Utilizing LinkedIn is a free way to build partnerships for your booster club.

5. LinkedIn Targeted Connects

While more systematic and hands-on, this is a long term way to promote your booster club online and will help local business owners to notice and engage with your booster club.

  1. Head into LinkedIn’s search function.
  2. Select “People.”
  3. Just below the search bar select the “All Filters” button
  4. Adjust the location to your city or area.
  5. Scroll towards the bottom until you find a section for “Title.”
  6. Add in “CEO” or “Owner.”
  7. Hit Apply.
  8. LinkedIn allows you to share a link in the request connect process, so adding the URL link to the article created in step 4 and then request to connect.
  9. Be sure to add something like, “I saw you are also in [city], and I thought I’d share this article we recently put out about what our booster club has been able to do in our schools.”
  10. The key is to keep this message as short as possible and let the article do its work.

Now you’ve shared an article you’ve created about your booster club with a highly targeted business owner in your local area.

As mentioned, this method is more of a longterm strategy to market your booster club online and will take some ongoing commitments. Focus on making 15 connections every day for a week and see how many business owners will now have you on their radar.


Remember that to promote your booster club online effectively, you will need to focus your efforts and be consistent. Being consistent will also yield much better results than attempting to promote your booster club once in a blue moon. Taking on too many strategies at once can have you feeling burnt out or overburdened, so it’s best to focus on one or two at a time until you feel proficient enough to add on another method. While it is a lot of effort, promoting your booster club will help you to gain volunteers, community engagement, and revenue, so it is well worth the effort!

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