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2021 Fun and Easy To Run Holiday Themed Fundraisers for Booster Clubs

2021 Fun and Easy To Run Holiday Themed Fundraisers for Booster Clubs

As the holiday season is now here make sure that you don’t let it pass by without considering your options for booster club holiday themed fundraisers. The holidays are a time where your club can think creatively about how to conduct productive fundraisers that provide value for your club as well as help give a seasonal gift to those around you. It’s a win-win situation to fundraise for your booster club during the holidays, so don’t lose out by missing the opportunity.

Holiday ornament purchased through booster club fundraiser

Leverage The Seasonal Spirit

For your club, booster club holiday fundraisers are a great idea for two reasons:

  1. They allow your club to capitalize on the hype and excitement for the holidays.
  2. They can allow your club to fundraise easily: During the holidays many people in a giving/spending mood. If your club can provide a valuable product or service then you can find yourselves on the receiving end of the holiday spending sprees.

Take advantage of the opportunity for your club and begin fundraising for the holidays.


People attending a holiday themed ugly sweater party fundraiser

Holiday Themed Fundraisers: Event Type

Event holiday themed fundraisers are fundraisers that are centered around an event. Particularly a party with a thematic twist. Here are a couple of examples below of some holiday themed event fundraisers.

Ugly Sweater Party

One of the staples of the holiday season is ugly Christmas sweaters. Hosting an ugly sweater party is a great way to implement this tradition into a fundraiser event for your club.

You can do this by inviting guests to a party your club hosts. Tell all the guests that they must wear an ugly sweater and charge for entry into the party. Then charge the attendees to enter into an ugly sweater contest at the event. Lastly, award a prize to whomever has the “worst” ugly sweater, as voted upon by guests or your booster club leadership.

Holiday Gala

A holiday gala is an upscale party that is centered around the theme of the holidays. So for this event your club could charge attendees for entry and have a big party. This option falls into the category of more professional/formal holiday fundraising ideas.

One key aspect of a holiday gala is to dress up. You want your guests for this event to dress up in more formal clothing like a suit and tie or a dress.

For a holiday gala there are all kinds of ways to use this premise to help fundraise for your booster club. One way could be charging guests for entry and they come and enjoy a regular party. Or you could invite guests and host a presentation or a silent auction at the holiday gala that encourages guests to give.

This presentation could be your booster club leadership telling the guests about their plans to serve their community in the forthcoming year and how the club needs help accomplishing this mission, and encouraging the guests to give.

Whether it’s a swanky party, or a dressed up presentation, a holiday gala is a great example of a holiday themed fundraiser.


Snow Man building contests are great holiday themed fundraisers.

Snow Man or Snow Sculpting Contest

For clubs that see snow during the holidays you can put mother nature to use by hosting a holiday fundraiser centered around the holiday elements. Find an open location like a park, or maybe even use your school’s campus and host a snowman or snow sculpting contest. At the contest charge entry to the event and offer warm drinks for sale like hot chocolate, coffee, and cider.


Woman building a wreath for a booster club holiday fundraiser.

Holiday Themed Fundraisers: Crafts and Homemade Items

There is a demand during the holidays for gifts that show thoughtfulness. Your club can meet this demand by making crafts and items that are handmade and thrifty. Additionally, selling crafts and homemade goods gives your club many options for a Covid safe holiday fundraiser.

Homemade Christmas Cards

A Christmas/holiday card that is handmade and written by hand will go a lot farther than one purchased at the local grocery store.

Your club can craft these homemade holiday cards and sell them. Purchase the materials from your local craft stores, or online and design them. Then advertise them on your website or social media.

Homemade Holiday Wreaths

A go to option for fundraising during the holidays is by making homemade holiday wreaths. These wreaths can be made by your booster club and sold to potential buyers.

A great twist you can implement here is to make the wreaths custom. Do this by taking orders in advance and getting the names of buyers. Once you have their names, make their custom wreaths but add their last/family name to it. By customizing it with their family name you can offer potential buyers a homemade and unique item that they cannot go out and purchase and is special to them.


Hand crafting ornaments for the holidays.

Homemade Holiday Ornaments

In addition to wreaths, holiday ornaments are another craft your club can make and sell as a part of a holiday themed fundraiser.

Craft unique handmade ornaments to decorate Christmas trees, or other holiday items like stockings or yard signs.  There is a lot of room to create as there are so many different holiday themes and options that your club can make ornaments for.

Like mentioned above, you can take these crafts to the next level by making them custom and up charging a small fee. Nevertheless you will not run out of ideas and possibilities when thinking of the craft options for your booster club fundraising.


Booostr: The Perfect Gift For Your Booster Club

Whether it’s thinking and planning for holiday themed fundraisers or regular day to day operations, Booostr is available 24/7 to help your club out. Booostr is a central resource for booster club management that will allow your club to plan, store vital information, and stay organized in an simple and efficient manner.

We have soft launched our new toolsets to help manage clubs 24/7, 365 days a year and especially, for fundraising for the holidays. Learn more by contacting us today!  Let us help your club operate more efficiently, ethically and grow faster in the new year!


Holiday gingerbread made for a booster club fundraiser.

Holiday Themed Fundraisers Can Help Your Club Grow!

The holidays are a time of community, fun, and celebration. But for your booster club the holidays are and can be a great time to fundraise. Choose between many different and effective holiday themed fundraisers and execute them properly to help your booster club raise funds and help celebrate the seasonal joy in your community.

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