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2021 Booster Club Halloween Themed Fundraising Ideas

2021 Booster Club Halloween Themed Fundraising Ideas

Some of the most important activities you’ll take the lead on when overseeing a booster club are fundraising events. Fundraising is one of the main ways your booster club can gain support, financial fuel, and promote relationships with the community and your club members. And, with Halloween rolling around, what better way to fundraise than to embrace the season? If you’re thinking of a few halloween themed fundraising ideas, you’re on the right track. However, with Covid-19 still affecting communities, it’s important to prioritize both safety and fun during these events. And, of course, raise money.

With fall and halloween right around the corner, there’s no better time to start planning your spooky themed booster club fundraiser than now! This guide breaks down everything you need to know about how to come up with the best halloween fundraising ideas for 2021 and how to execute them perfectly. Keep reading to learn more.


Booster Club holding a halloween themed movie fundraiser.

Outdoor Spooky Movie, A Perfect Halloween Themed Fundraising Idea

Hosting an outdoor movie is a great way to get families out to your fundraiser. You could charge a flat rate for tickets, charge per group, or charge per blanket. You could also charge for snacks and drinks to enjoy during the movie. In regards to Covid-19 and safety, make sure each blanket is spaced a sufficient distance apart.

While social distancing during the outdoor movie theater is doable, there are extra precautions you can take as well. If you want to take an extra precaution during your halloween themed booster club fundraiser, consider putting together a drive in version of this event. You can have cars drive in and park next to each other to enjoy the movie at a safe distance. Each car can tune into a station on the radio to hear the movie and watch from the comfort of their vehicles.

You can host a family friendly halloween themed movie like Hocus Pocus, Casper, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloweentown, Goosebumps, Coco, and The Goonies. Or, you can even consider hosting outdoor movies for different age levels for two separate fundraiser events.


Scavenger hunts can be great Halloween Themed Fundraising Ideas

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

One of our favorite halloween themed fundraiser ideas is a scavenger hunt. You can even encourage separate families to participate in a scavenger hunt in their vehicles to avoid large groups of people getting together and help people stay safe.

Here are some ways you can throw a scavenger hunt!

In Person Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Gather the community together at an event and hold the scavenger hunt all in one place. You can break your group up into teams and have them look for clues all throughout your school, facility, or even an outdoor area. Have the teams look for clues, find halloween themed objects, and race to the finish for a grand prize. Include some candy in the scavenger hunt for the true spirit of Halloween, too.

To enter the scavenger hunt, you can charge a flat rate, rate per group, or even a rate per person. Give each member a wristband to keep track of who’s participating and who isn’t. As a bonus, use this opportunity to have members give their name, phone number, and email. This is an excellent way to get emails for your booster club email marketing list and SMS marketing list as well!

Remote Halloween Scavenger Hunt

You can also hold a scavenger hunt remotely. On your booster club’s social media page, release clues about special items hidden around town or around your facility. Families can participate together by driving to find these clues and getting to the grand prize. Plus, this is a great way to reduce large groups of people and encourage social distancing.


Halloween themed candle sales are great fundraising ideas.

Hold A Halloween Candle Sale Fundraiser

Making candles is an easy fall activity and one of the more creative halloween themed fundraising ideas we have. Consider buying candles wholesale (From Here or From Here or From Here) and painting fun halloween decorations on them, or having groups make candles from home.

Then, host a Halloween candle sale where your booster club can sell the candles and raise money for your group! Combine this with a bake sale if you’d like extra fundraising opportunities.


Hold a pumpkins sale for your booster club halloween fundraiser.

Halloween Pumpkin Sale Fundraising Idea

One of the easiest Halloween themed fundraising ideas is for your booster club to have a pumpkin sale. There are a few ways you could host this event!

You could have your booster club members and any other volunteers paint the pumpkins and then sell them. This could be great for halloween decorations and you could make them themed with the school logo or sport’s team name.

You could also sell plain pumpkins and host a pumpkin painting or carving contest as well. Gather together people from the school and surrounding community and offer a grand prize for the winner of the competition.


One of many Halloween Themed Fundraising Ideas is partnering with local businesses.

Halloween Themed Fundraising Ideas with Local Businesses

Fundraising events don’t have to be done alone, either. You can host a halloween themed booster club fundraiser with a local business, as well.

Halloween Dinner at a Local Restaurant

Find a local restaurant that would be willing to host a halloween themed dinner party fundraiser for your booster club. You could do halloween themed entrees, appetizers, drinks, and even desserts. For those who order these food items, they could be entered to win a drawing and part of their meal cost could go toward the booster club. This is also a great way to collect emails and phone numbers for an email or SMS marketing list or newsletter.

Tips for Planning Your Halloween Themed Fundraising Ideas

Planning your halloween themed fundraising ideas involve many steps and involves a team to make it go smoothly. In the beginning of your planning process, assign members of your booster club specific jobs. One person can be in charge of brainstorming Halloween themed fundraiser ideas, another can be in charge of budgeting for the event, and you can even have one person in charge of Covid-19 related safety regulations.


Kid holding a painted halloween pumpkin after attending a booster club fundraiser.


Next, it’s time to execute. Make plans, reserve venues, and contact small businesses you’d like to team up with. You’d be surprised how effective teamwork and planning goes in making these events run smoothly. Plus, you’ll get to fund your booster club and enjoy the Halloween season with your club members.

Get brainstorming and planning today! To learn more about booster club fundraising, use these helpful tools.

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