8 Great Winter Booster Club Fundraiser Ideas

8 Great Winter Booster Club Fundraiser Ideas

After Christmas and New Years, you may wonder what winter booster club fundraiser ideas there could possibly be?! It might be cold and snowy or just not as warm and exciting as normal, but there’s still plenty of ways to fundraise for your organization. Booostr.co has compiled 8 great winter booster club fundraising ideas that can spice up your supporters in even the coldest of seasons!


8 Great booster club winter fundraiser ideas for those cold months!

Winter Booster Club Fundraiser Idea: Sleigh Rides

Dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh is a fun-filled winter activity that is a great way to raise money for your booster club. They can be jolly rides for parents with kids of any age or a romantic space for couples to spend some time together.

All that’s needed for this winter-themed fundraising idea is a nice spread of scenery like a snowy forest or a lit up park and someone to partner with you for a horse and sleigh. Keep in mind the weather and the length of the ride, most generally being 30 minutes to an hour, so promote warm clothing with this event. Provide cozy blankets for each ride.

Sleighs work best with snow so try a wagon if your area doesn’t get snow but you still want to try out this booster club fundraising idea. Raise a little extra money by selling snacks and beverages for after the rides. For extra donations, have a photographer take family pictures in and around the horse carriage. It’d be the perfect photo opportunity!


8 Great booster club winter fundraiser ideas for those cold months!

Winter Booster Club Fundraiser Idea: Snow Sport Excursions

Whether you live in an area with real snow or near artificial snow, you know that there are a ton of snow-related activities that are exciting for people of all ages. Snow tubing, snowboarding, and skiing are some of the most popular interests that can be used to aid support your booster club.

Partner with a local resort or company that hosts snow activities. Sell tickets to your community and the business may allow you to have a portion of the proceeds for your organization. If siding with a company isn’t possible, see if there’s a park, private hill or field that you can use. Sell custom tickets were there’s no third party. You may even want to consider hosting a competition of sorts – like a crazy sled design contest, or ski / snowboard competition.


8 Great booster club winter fundraiser ideas for those cold months!

Winter Booster Club Fundraiser Idea: Winter Movie Night

One of the simplest winter booster club fundraiser is setting up up a movie night. So many winter themed movies are family friendly and can meet the needs of anyone as there are hundreds if not thousands to choose from.

Sell popcorn, beverages, and tickets per person for entry. For winter films, possibilities include Frozen, Ice Age, Fargo, Love Actually,and Planes, Train and Automobiles. There are countless options for you to choose from. It all depends on what audience you have in mind. Some are family friendly while others are for older audiences. With so many films that fit the winter theme, this is a fundraiser that can be done many times throughout the season!


8 Great booster club winter fundraiser ideas for those cold months!

Winter Booster Club Fundraiser Idea: Hot Chocolate Station

While pumpkin spice latte might be the drink of choice during the fall months, nothing says winter drink like hot chocolate. Who doesn’t want something nice and warm on cold and snowy winter days? Who doesn’t like chocolate? Hot chocolate is a simple and effective booster club fundraising idea that can easily be tailored to any winter themed event.

A hot chocolate station can be set up anywhere: at community sports games, band concerts, or a combination of any other fundraising event. All that’s needed is a booth table and hot chocolate supplies. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, consider toppings like marshmallows, whipped cream, caramel sauce, or peppermint candies. The possibilities are endless. It might be well to have alternatives for customers who need/want a dairy-free beverage or can’t have chocolate. Have almond or soy, cider, or coffee for those who can’t have normal hot chocolate.

Live in a place where 80-degree weather makes a hot beverage less appealing? Sell iced and blended hot chocolate, iced coffee, and multi-flavored frappes, or cold ciders!


8 Great booster club winter fundraiser ideas for those cold months!

Winter Booster Club Fundraiser Idea : Snowman/Snow Fort Building Contest

So many families are going to build snowmen and snow forts this winter, so take that creativity and use it to your advantage. Host a snowman/snow fort building contest winter themed fundraising idea.

Select a field, park, or any other area with enough packing material to hold many participates. Ask supporters to register for the competition, for a fee, and let guests vote for their favorite snowy creation. Keep your community members away from the chill by selling warm, winter-themed foods and drinks that can be bought throughout the event.

Don’t let living somewhere warm stop you from trying out this booster club fundraising idea. Try a winter-themed sand castle contest instead at a local beach.


8 Great booster club winter fundraiser ideas for those cold months!

Winter Booster Club Fundraiser Idea: Winter Dress Contest

Snowmen aren’t the only ones who need to dress up for the winter months. Lots of people know the struggle of putting on all the hats, gloves, scarfs, and snow pants before stepping out to brave the cold air. Take this everyday, normal occurrence and turn it into a game.

Set up a winter dress contest where participates play against each other to see who can put on the most winter clothing in the shortest amount of time. The best part about this winter-themed fundraising idea is that it can be used with many other fundraisers and it can be done in any type of weather.


8 Great Booster Club Winter Fundraising Ideas for that cold time of year!

Winter Booster Club Fundraiser Idea: Winter Gala

A party is always a good way to bring people together and an is an even better way to help your organization. This winter-themed winter booster club fundraising idea is sophisticated and has a high chance of earning some big bucks for any booster club.

A dinner party invites all your closest supporters, including your board, volunteers, donors, local businesses, etc. to one location. Many of your supporters (especially those with more to donate) may prefer to attend a winter gala when compared to an event crafted for families, all ages or children. Work with a local restaurant or gallery to secure space, food, and entertainment. Furthermore work with local businesses to donate gifts for a silent auction, which will definitely generate some big returns for your booster club!

This is also a great time to say thank you to all those who have aided in making your booster club program flourish. Recognition will incline them to continue their aid for the years to come. Middle of winter can be the perfect booster club fundraiser to give people a break from the cold and grey and some of the general malaise that sets in before spring arrives!


8 Great Booster Club Winter Fundraising Ideas for that cold time of year!

Winter Booster Club Fundraiser Idea: Super Bowl Party

At the turn of the new year, football is bound to be the talk of the town with a lot of folks. The Super Bowl brings up friendly competition, family feuds, emotional commercials, and best of all, Super Bowl parties! Consider hosting your own community SuperBowl party for your booster club fundraiser and raise a ton of money all while cheering for your favorite team!

Treat your Super Bowl party as a community gathering, so request that those who want to attend bring a dish to pass. If they’d prefer not to, ask for a small donation on top of the entry fee. Show the game on big TV screens or projects in an area that either holds a lot of seats already or will allow your group to place their own chairs. Set up super bowl themed games to gain extra funds.  Adding in some activities for kids will encourage families to attend – as they will be sure their little ones are looked after while they enjoy the game!


A winter booster club fundraiser is a golden opportunityway to raise funds for your booster club and maintain its visibility in the community. It doesn’t matter whether you live in an area where winter is covered in snow or showered in sunshine. There is plenty of winter-themed ways for your organization to support your academics or activities. Gather up some creative minds and helping hands, and watch as your community gathers together to share in some wintery festive moments.

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