There are many organizations and school programs in Nevada that could not function at their full potential without the support they receive from booster clubs. However, the process to create the correct Nevada booster club structure is not always a simple one. Careful consultation of federal and state laws is necessary to correctly found a Nevada booster club. The article below provides information that you may find useful as you build your Nevada booster club.

Consult the Nevada Secretary of State Website for Your Booster Club

As you begin to create a booster club in Nevada, you may wish to consult the Nevada Secretary of State website. This website provides a link to a business search engine through which you can start the process of determining the availability of your booster club name. The state of Nevada, like most states, typically wishes to avoid having multiple organizations with the same name. As such, you may wish to pick out a few potential names for your booster club, since your first choice for your booster club name may already be taken by another organization within the state of Nevada. In any case, you will want to make sure the name of your booster club is not too similar to other booster clubs within your state, since this will cause confusion among those who wish learn more about your booster club or support your booster club. The Nevada Secretary of State website also provides information about the forms and fees schedule for nonprofit organizations, as well as information for forms and fees for other kinds of organizations. If you have further questions about how to found a Nevada booster club during the booster club formation process, consult the Nevada Secretary of State website and other reputable Nevada state government websites.

The IRS and Your Nevada Booster Club

The federal government, like state governments, has protocol by which booster clubs must abide. The IRS website provides guidelines for annual forms that nonprofit organizations may need to file. As you begin to build your Nevada booster club, you may also find it beneficial to apply for an Employee Identification Number (EIN) through the IRS.  An EIN is often required to file certain kinds of forms and to create a booster club bank account. The IRS provides addition information about applying for an EIN on their website.

Your Nevada Booster Club Should Apply for Tax Exempt Status

Many booster clubs choose to become tax exempt organizations, in order to avoid the costs and requirements associated with not have tax exempt status. You can find information about how to apply for federal tax exempt status on the IRS website. The Hurwit & Associates website provides information about applying for both federal and state tax exemption for Nevada nonprofit organizations, as well as information on other forms you may have to file to create the correct Nevada booster club structure.

Create Your Nevada Booster Club Bank Account

When you create a booster club in Nevada, you may want to consider setting up a bank accountyou’re your booster club. Bank accounts can be advantageous for booster clubs in a number of ways. Managing booster club finances is not always easy, but having a booster club bank account can make financial management a much simpler task. Booster club bank accounts can also expand the ways in which your booster club can gather donations. If your booster club has a website with the capability of accepting digital donations, you may be able to set up this digital donation system so that the donations are deposited to your bank account. This means you will be able to increase the success of your booster club’s fundraising efforts. The legalzoom website provides general guidelines for setting up a bank account for a nonprofit organization. However, you should also be mindful of the fact that different banks have different rules and benefits for nonprofit organizations. Carefully consider all your banking options before choosing the bank through which you will create your bank account. Additionally, when you build your Nevada booster club, make sure you create bylaws that address proper financial management procedures.


The process to create a booster club in Nevada can be challenging at times. You may find yourself stumped about how to proceed when you encounter especially difficult tasks. However, always remember that there are resources you can access to answer questions you may have, such as the Nevada Secretary of State website and the IRS website. Whenever searching for information about how to create the correct Nevada booster club structure, always remember to use multiple sources and avoid outdated sources. Although it is not easy to found a Nevada booster club, the support they provide for organizations and school programs is substantial, making the hard work needed to build your Nevada booster club well worth it.


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