Rules for founding and running a booster club vary from state to state. As such, it is important to learn about any particular guidelines or requirements unique to one’s state, in addition to the federal laws that apply to booster clubs throughout the country. Rules for developing the correct Missouri booster club structure may be different from the rules for booster club formation in other states. The information below provides a few tips and resources that may be useful when you build your Missouri booster club.

Visit the Missouri Secretary of State Website

One should first consult the Missouri Secretary of State website to learn how to properly found a Missouri booster club. The Missouri Secretary of State website provides access to crucial information one needs to consult to create a booster club in Missouri, such as a search engine through which booster club name availability can be determined, guidelines for filing documents online, and information about forms and fees for filing forms. Checking the availability of your desired booster club name is a necessary step, since most states do not allow two organizations within the same state to have the same name. In addition to checking Missouri booster club name availability, consultation of information regarding form filing is best started early on in the process of Missouri booster club formation. Early awareness of filing requirements will help you avoid obstacles when you build your Missouri booster club. Many other questions addressing how to create a booster club in Missouri can be answered on the Missouri Secretary of State website.

Apply for an Employee Identification Number

Once you have filed all the necessary forms to found a Missouri booster club, you will probably want to apply for an Employee Identification Number (EIN) through the IRS. Having an EIN is often necessary to create a booster club bank account and file certain federal forms. Steps to apply for an EIN can be found on the IRS website.

Become a Tax Exempt Missouri Organization

Many booster clubs choose to become tax exempt organizations. Doing so often allows booster clubs avoid the requirements and costs that accompany not possessing tax exempt status. If you found a Missouri booster club with the intention of becoming a tax exempt organization, you will have to meet both federal and state requirements. The IRS provides steps for becoming federally tax exempt, in addition to other guidelines for nonprofit filing requirements. Information about gaining Missouri tax exemption can be found on the Hurwit & Associates website, in addition to other useful information about other state filing requirements, and on the Missouri Department of Revenue website.

Open Your Missouri Booster Club Bank Account

A booster club bank account is useful because it allows booster club finances to be more easily managed. Additionally, if you have a booster club bank account and wish to accept donations through your website, it is often possible to have the digital donations deposited into your booster club bank account. The legalzoom website provides general requirements for setting up a nonprofit organization bank account. However, different banks may have different requirements for nonprofits wishing to create a bank account. Consult your bank’s rules for nonprofit bank accounts, so that you are aware of all the services and limitations associated with nonprofit bank accounts. Make sure that all booster club bank account finances are properly managed. Mismanagement of funds can seriously hinder booster club activities, so it is typically a good idea to create specific booster club bylaws outlining protocol to properly manage funds while avoiding instances of embezzlement.


Gaining a thorough knowledge of Missouri state requirements for booster clubs, in addition to federal requirements, will help to streamline to process of creating the correct Missouri booster club structure. Without being aware of both state and federal requirements, it is possible that you might miss crucial steps to create a booster club in Missouri. At worst, you might inadvertently violate certain laws by not meeting required steps for creating the correct Missouri booster club structure. Consulting Missouri state government websites and federal government websites, as well as other sites that outline necessary booster club formation sites, will help you avoid problems in the Missouri booster club creation process. Make sure the information you rely on is up to date and accurate.


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