Thinking about starting a Kansas booster club? We’ve got all you need! Here at Booostr we have created an informational guide to help you through the process of creating your own Kansas booster club. There are a lot of legal steps to this process, it is important that you pay close attention to all of the links ad legal references below. All of the links below will provide your organization with the most reliable and up to date information in the process of establishing your Kansas booster club.


Your Kansas Booster Club Needs a Name

The first step in creating your Kansas Booster Club, is of course – the name! When deciding on a name for your booster club it is important to choose a unique name to decrease the risk of choosing a name that is already being used by another organization. We suggest starting with a list of 10-15 different options for the name of your club. After you have decided on a list of potential names for your club, you should check those names against the corporate search engine on the Information Network of Kansas website. The search engine contains lists of all of the names that have been taken by other organizations. Once you have decided on a name, you can begin to create a mission statement for your Kansas booster club.


Create Your Kansas Booster Club’s Mission Statement

The main focus of your Kansas booster club mission statement is to define who the organization is, why it exists, and who benefits from the existence of the organization. The mission statement is a great opportunity to partner with and/or use as a reference your affiliated Kansas school’s mission. Any supporter, volunteer or student should clearly understand the basics reasons the club exists after reading this short succinct summary.


Prepare Your Kansas Booster Club Bylaws

Your Kansas booster club bylaws contain the rules and procedures your booster club corporation will follow. Your bylaws do not need to be filed with the state of Kansas but are important as they are your internal organizational operating manual. Before you file your articles of incorporation, you’ll need to have bylaws that insure your club is operating correctly under Kansas law.


Your Kansas Booster Club Needs to Appoint Board Members

Now your club gets to choose who its first board of directors will be! It is important to keep in mind that each state differs on the required number of board members it requires. We suggest having a group of about 3 members. A small board makes decision making much easier, fewer cooks in the kitchen. Being able to make decisions quickly is very important in the beginning to really get the club up and running. Once you have decided on your board of directors, they will then vote to determine who will be the club officers.


Nominate Club Officers for Your Kansas Booster Club

As an officer for your Kansas booster club these individuals will be responsible for handling the day to day activities of the club. Choosing officers that have great communication and management skills are very important. You want to make sure that your club officers are appointed based on their expertise, interaction with parents and kids and their focus on the development and growth of the club. Choosing strong leaders now will help your club that much more in the long run.


Holding Your Kansas Booster Club’s First Meeting

It’s time for your first official club meeting! It may be a little intimidating, but things should start to fall into place. The first task of the meeting should be to approve the bylaws that should contain information about the rules and procedures of your organization. Once the bylaws have been approved, the group needs to determine the best accounting period and tax year would be best for the club. Your club’s fiscal year should coincide with the club’s activity season and if possible, the school’s fiscal year. The club should also nominate your club officers for board approval. Finally, if your organization is ready, your board can approve the opening of the booster club business bank account and approve any initial transactions.

Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

The IRS website makes filing for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) easy! Make sure all of your documentation on the state level is completed before filing for your EIN. The IRS website you can find all of the paperwork required for filing for an EIN on the federal level. You can find all of the information and documentation regarding obtaining your EIN on the IRS website. You might be wondering why you need an EIN? Most sates require an EIN in order to open a booster club bank account. Make sure that you have all of your state documents in order as you fill out the EIN application as much of the information submitted and approved by the state of Kansas will be needed by the IRS.


Apply for Non-Profit Status for Your Kansas Booster Club

The IRS website also has all the information you will need to apply for non-profit status. When you are filing for non-profit status you will find all of the documentation you need on the IRS website. Becoming a non-profit involves some fees so be prepared when the time comes. The IRS also provides tax information for nonprofits, which will probably helpful if you decide to make your booster club a tax exempt organization.


File for Tax-Exempt for Your Kansas Booster Club (Optional)

Although tax-exemption isn’t necessary, it’s definitely worth it! Filing for tax exemption is a great way for both your Kansas booster club and your club supporters save money. Tax-exemption means that your club is excluded from most sales tax and any donations or purchased made through a tax-exempt organization can be written off on personal and business taxes. It’s a win win win for everyone involved! All of the information and paperwork for become tax-exempt is available on the IRS website. The basic step-by-step process listed on the site is as follows: Apply for EIN (Employee Identification Number), Complete and submit the IRS Form 1023, Once the IRS Form 1023 has been approved, you will be eligible for tax-exemption in Kansas.


Finally, Open Your Kansas Booster Club Business Bank Account

The last step in the creation of your Kansas booster club is opening a bank account. Without a bank account managing your club’s finances can become very tricky. With a bank account keeping and eye on the money going in and coming out becomes much easier. A bank account also reduces the risk for potential theft within the club. With a bank account your will avoid mismanagement of fund and retain the trust of your donors and supporters. Finally, with a bank account your club will be able to hold online fundraisers. Your Kansas booster club bank account is critical to more easily collect donations, manage finances and in the long run, it will be much easier for future management to take over.


Congratulations, you have established a brand-new Kansas booster club! Before you go, there are a few more things. It is important to keep up with current Kansas law, regarding booster club management. You also need to stay on top of yearly fees and dues that need to be paid to the state to maintain you Kansas booster club’s good legal standing. As your club continues to grow, don’t forget to come visit us here at Booostr for help managing, marketing or fundraising for your booster club!


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