Find the Best Sports Equipment Deals for Your Booster Club Sport

Booster Clubs continually are tasked with assisting upgrading and covering the costs of athletic equipment. But where are the best places to go and purchase new equipment? Or even upgrade your current setup? Retailers are great as an option, but may also want to consider going directly to the manufacturer instead. Many retailers are open to working with schools and nonprofits (booster clubs) to give them the best deals. So which manufacturers do this? Where can you get the specific equipment your team needs? Here are a few options that we found to be the most helpful in finding the best sports equipment deals….

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How to Set Up Your Booster Club To Charge Fees

Fundraising is a primary booster club focus, yet, despite its importance, it is not an easy feat to accomplish. The primary method to generate revenue is executing efforts such as bake sales, rummage sales, and car washes. These types of events are generally successful but also require plenty of time and resources to cast a wide reach. An equally successful strategy that is often overlooked, is to set your booster club to charge fees….

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Does a Booster Club Need to be a 501c3?

Have you ever considered changing your booster club into a booster club 501c3 Organization? Do you know what 501c3 tax exemption is and how it differs from a non-exempt nonprofit organization?  Let’s break it down.

It’s possible your booster club organization is already a registered nonprofit organization with your state. It is also possible that while your organization is a nonprofit, it has never registered for 501c3 tax exemption at the federal level. The key difference between a nonprofit and 501c3, is that you first register as a nonprofit with your state, and then register as 501c3 tax exempt with the federal government. To become a 501c3 there are some additional application steps and annual guidelines you need to follow,…

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Can A Coach Run A Booster Club?

Booster club coaches are extremely important to the dynamic of a booster club, but having a coach run a booster club on their own without the clear line of separation between operations and coaching can cause brutal riffs in the working environment of athletic booster clubs. This article will discuss having a coach run a booster club and what methods can be employed so those clear roles can be defined to create a well-managed booster club. We will address what each role entails, what the coaches and operations personnel need to do to ensure the booster club’s success, and how to establish and maintain communication lines. Finally, we will address how to repair them if they are damaged….

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The Best 2021 Booster Club Website Hosting Solutions

In these days and times it is imperative that every organization havve some sort of online presence. A business without a website or even simple online presence is missing the opportunity for substantial growth. A social media profile is an easy way to have an online profile, but you don’t ever fully control the profile among other issues. Having a website for your organization becomes important to ensure that your club always has control of it’s own little corner of the internet.  Because of the importance of a website, the first step is understanding the best booster club website hosting solutions available in 2021….

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Best Online Printing Services for 2021

In an age where the internet has become king, it is still important to note the importance of promotional printing services and other quick printing solutions directed at serving small businesses. The best online printing services are a pillar for smart businesses and their marketing. It could be posters, brochures, or even a premiere looking business card; a perfectly executed printing project can bring your business to life and deliver your message effectively and to a greater audience. Trustworthy online printing services, when utilized correctly, can breathe life into your business and can mean the difference between growth or stagnation….

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