NEW TOOL!! Available for ALL clubs - Both FREE and PRO level.

Easily Sell Products Online

If your club is looking for a solution to sell goods, memberships and more online – meet Booostr Store Manager.  The quick, easy and affordable way to start selling online.

Booostr Store Manager Tool is designed to help clubs and small nonprofits maximize their online sales. Whether your booster club sells memberships, spirit wear or seasonal items online – Booostr Store Manager can handle it. Looking for a POS system for in-person sales?  Yep, Booostr’s system is designed for that as well!  Best of all EVERY club profile has access to Booostr Store Manager.


Easily Set Up Your Online Store

After you have created/connected your STRIPE account, it’s super simple to set up your Booostr Store.  There are four steps: 1. Visit your club’s store manager, LAUNCH STORE, 3. Complete store settings, add categories and products 4. Go to your profile settings choose to make your store visible. Easy peasy!


Booostr Tool Cross Integration

Booostr Store Manager is not only easy to use, but is also built to integrate with Booostr tools. Store orders are automatically added to your Booostr Simple Financial Manager, customers are added to your Contact Manager, and you are able to easily share your online store via your profile with your existing contacts!


Store Dashboard Insights

From the the moment you launch your Booostr Store, it is gathering insights to help you understand how it’s performing. You will see when sales occur, easily manage orders, manage customers and quickly receive store payouts via STRIPE to your connected bank account.  Manage your online store with easy insights!


Affordable For All

Booostr Store Manager Tool was designed like all Booostr Tools – to be easy to use AND affordable for every booster club. If you are just launching your store, you shouldn’t have to pay monthly fees when you aren’t generating sales.  Furthermore, you shouldn’t have to be a subscriber to sell online either! To provide access to ALL clubs using Booostr – we take a small percentage of every sale you make online through your Booostr Store. We only earn when YOUR club earns.

Our Rates?

  • FREE Clubs: 3.5% Revenue Share / Transaction
  • PRO Clubs: 1.75% Revenue Share / Transaction

Learn more about Booostr’s Transparent Pricing HERE.


Don't Accept Credit Cards? No Problem!

At Booostr, we understand many small organizations may not accept Credit Cards. This can prevent booster clubs or small nonprofits from taking advantage of online sales.

Luckily, when you initially set up your store management tool, our system will walk you through creating a credit card processing account through STRIPE. This is an easy step by step process that will help your organization to not only set up a credit card processing account – but to also start running your very first online store!

Create Your FREE Account Today

 Generating revenue streams is key to running your booster club. Your volunteer time is limited and should not be spent trying to manage over-technical (and expensive) online store solutions.

Booostr Store Manager gives booster clubs and small nonprofits a simpler solution for running an online store to sell both physical and digital goods. Simplified tools launch, manage and grow your club’s online sales means you can spend less time battling technology and more time growing your bottom line.

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