Booostr PRO for FREE.

Booostr PRO… for FREE.

Access every tool at no cost for one year.

if your booster club or organization has 501c3 status in

good could have access to the entire set

of Booostr tools. From Financial Manager,to Online Store,

to Email Marketing and more. Everything you need to manage your

organization online.

$360 value

How to qualify

In order to be considered for a FREE year of Booostr PRO, your
booster club or nonprofit organization needs to meet the
following top level criteria:

1. Must have 501c3 Status in good standing

2. Organization must be currently in operation

3. Meet with Booostr reps to develop strategies

4. Utilize specific Booostr tools throughout the year

5. Must be based within the 50 US States

If your club fits the four points above, start the process
by submitting the form. We can’t wait to meet you!

Benefits of Booostr

Signing up for Booostr gives booster clubs and small nonprofits a professional set of connected online tools. All of the tools are designed to be easy to use, centralize organization data and help clubs grow and meet their goals.

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By submitting the form above, | agree to be contacted by Booostr regard-
ing this application, potential next steps and regular updates about the
software platform. | also understand that by submitting this application,
there is no guarentee my organization will receive the year for free, even if
the organization does meet all of the top level qualifications.

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