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Newport Harbor Girls Lacrosse Program Mission and Vision

On the surface, we are a lacrosse team. More fundamentally, however, the Newport Harbor Girls’ Lacrosse program strives to transform young lives. Girls enter the program, and young women leave. At our best, we furnish the youth of our community a safe space to take on challenges that will help usher them into adulthood.

Athletics have immense potential to shape young lives, and the Newport Harbor Girls’ Lacrosse program focuses on three key areas to foster personal growth:

1) Opportunities for success in a team context.
It is easy to boil a team’s success down to wins and losses, individual and team statistics, or the number of all-league first-teamers. The true value of a team lies beyond these numbers, as they are but superficial markers indicating nothing with regard to the growth each player might experience. Through Newport Harbor Girls’ Lacrosse, incoming freshmen build social bonds at summer camp that assist their navigation through the first days and weeks of high school; sophomores and juniors fight through the rigorous grind of boot camp, pre-season, and league play, supporting one another through the final whistle; and our seniors find a variety of options for postsecondary play are within reach. Many of our graduates over the years have brought the spirit of our lacrosse program beyond the boundaries of our community.

In dedicating their time, energy, and talent to the team, our young women certainly learn invaluable lessons in teamwork. But lacrosse is also a sport that cultivates independent thought and creativity—indeed, the best players are marked by their unique style. And this is the essence of what we do at Newport Harbor: We nurture the individual even as she learns that nothing is more rewarding than committing herself to the team.

2) Character development beyond the field.
To be a high school athlete is to be a role model. Our girls know that incomplete homework, poor behavior, and negative attitudes are unacceptable. Beyond this, they know that there is a price to pay for playing before a crowd and representing their community. They know they must earn the Davidson field lights by striving to be their best at all times. And when athletes falter in their roles, the Newport Harbor Girls’ Lacrosse program provides a network of peers and adults to support and guide them through their toughest times.

The Newport Harbor Girls Lacrosse program knows that adolescence is a trying time, but that great lacrosse offers one template for a great life.

3) Parent, school, and community involvement.
Our athletes are surrounded by greatness, and the Newport Harbor Girls’ Lacrosse program connects them to this greatness.

Our army of parent supporters serves a thousand essential roles—from banquet organizer to carpool coordinator, from pro-bono CEO of a non-profit to web designer, from apparel designer to team dinner host. The coaching staff over the years has been almost entirely home-grown. The principal, site administration, and district have been and continue to be strong supporters of lacrosse—in spirit, logistical support, bussing, field space, and equipment. And our girls do their part by fundraising, washing cars on Saturdays, and running 5K in the Newport-Mesa Spirit Run. Our infrastructure is solid. And we need all the support the community can offer.

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