Listing Type : Booster Clubs
Booster Supported Organization : High School
Booster Gender Focus : Unisex
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Booster Club EIN Number : Available To Leadership
Booster Club IRS Last Date of Filing : 01/05/2016
Booster Club Coverage Area : School Wide
Booster Club Gross Revenue Exact Amount : 196676
Booster Club Net Revenue Exact Amount : 129498
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Booster Club Focus : Music - Concert Band, Music - Jazz Band, Music - Marching Band

We help out the Marching Band, the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, the Color Guard, and any other student group that is a part of the AMCHS band programs.
What do we do as an organization?
• We work as a team to provide things the band needs that are not provided by the annual school budget. We provide manpower to get the band to and from competitions, on and off the field. We help chaperone band events and field trips. We raise money to pay for clinicians, coaches, uniform maintenance, competition registration fees, travel expenses, sheet music, and to repair and replace equipment and instruments.

We offer many fundraising opportunities to help support our band programs. Fundraisers help provide monies for events,
trips, student scholarships, music lessons and clinics, and to help students cover costs associated with band participation. We also use fundraisers to help with costs to repair and replace our band equipment not covered by the school budget. We have used fundraiser money to buy a trailer to haul band equipment so the band does not have to continue renting moving vans to get us to and from games and contests. The more the boosters makes for the band, the less we have to require of each student when we don’t have enough to cover all expenses. Fundraising is a group effort as a band family, and funding information will be updated monthly as monetary goals are met for the items and trips the band is working towards.

• look for sign up genius in emails
• Make sure you go to CSISD website to fill out Volunteer background check form so you are cleared to volunteer around the
band students
o Go to; then go to Parent Info; then scroll down to Volunteer under the Be Informed section. Follow the
Look for and Read the weekly memo- comes out over the weekend
• Chaperoning things is easy. You just have to be present. Band kids are great kids.
• Washing uniforms is easy. We don’t wash every week. Look for the first sign up for that. After the initial sign up a text group
is created.
• There are quite a few chair positions open that we could use some help with. Make sure to come to all of the Band Booster
meetings. You get to hear what is going on, ask questions and find ways to help your child and the band program.

To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate in the training of students in band activities.
To encourage and maintain an enthusiastic interest in this Organization by students, administrators, teachers and parents.
To develop and strengthen an interest and cooperation between educators and the general public that will secure a meaningful arts experience for every child in the band program.

The Executive Board of the Organization shall consist of the President, President – Elect, Operations Coordinator, Fundraising- Maroon, Fundraising- White, Uniform Coordinator, Color Guard Coordinator, Event Coordinator, Meal Coordinator, Secretary, Reporter, Treasurer- Band Boosters, and Treasurer- Band Administration.


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