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Location : ACWORTH, GA, USA
Booster Supported Organization : High School
Booster Gender Focus : Unisex
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Booster Club IRS Last Date of Filing : 01/12/2016
Booster Club Coverage Area : Local Activity Focused (ie. School Soccer Team)
Booster Club Gross Revenue Exact Amount : $194,519.00
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Booster Club Focus : Athletics - Lacrosse

Hello and welcome to the Allatoona High School Lacrosse booster club profile! We are a federal and state sanctioned booster club based in Acworth, GA. Our booster club supports men’s, women’s, and youth lacrosse for the Acworth area. We regularly meet with Allatoona High School administration and Lacrosse coaches to help them fill financial and also volunteer gaps for the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams.

The Allatoona Lacrosse program is designed around the principles of helping athletes become the best they can be, both on and off the field.  The training and skills program is designed to help each player develop his or her own Lacrosse Profile:  individual strength, skills, speed, agility, and quickness.  We focus on the total person through a leadership development and character enrichment program.  With this, we hope to make a difference in the lives of those who come in contact with Allatoona Buccaneer Lacrosse.

Allatoona High School opened its doors in 2008, and our lacrosse programs were up in running, having been in the planning stages for many months. Generally the lacrosse season runs from early February to late April. Depending on the team and season, The Georgia State Lacrosse Playoffs begin around the end of April. In addition to supporting the lacrosse team through out the season, parents and volunteers with the AHS Lacrosse Booster Club also organize fundraisers, sell merchandise, and handle selling concessions to ensure that we raise adequate funds to support the team and help them succeed.

The AHS Lacrosse Booster Club comprises our parent volunteers and is the heart and soul of our lacrosse family.  As we continue this journey together, it is so important for many to get involved.

The AHS Lacrosse Booster Club is set up as a separate non-profit organization.  Our Management team is a simple structure with a President overseeing the entire club, a Vice President for Men’s Lacrosse, A Vice President for Women’s Lacrosse and a Vice President for Youth Lacrosse. In addition to these roles we also have a Treasurer role, Secretary/Communications role, Spirit Wear Role and Concessions role. All of these positions are strictly volunteer and are held by regularly elected or appointed volunteers based on our club bylaws.

In addition to running regular fundraising events, the AHS Lacross Booster Clubs also helps coordinate and bring in local sponsors to help support the Allatoona High School Lacrosse Team.  Our Sponsors not only enjoy supporting their local community through school athletics, but receive promotional visibility in exchange for their support.  We are always interested in new sponsors as we continue to grow the Allatoona High School and Youth Lacrosse Teams in the Acworth, Georgia area.

The first year of Allatoona Lacrosse was exciting, and our programs have grown significantly since then.  We encourage every family to be a part of something special.  We only ask that you do what you like to do and feel that you could do to help.  Everyone has a gift, and we need yours.

Please feel free to contact the board members listed below to discuss any concerns you may have.  To contact a board member, please email [email protected].

Amie Howard, AHS Athletic Director

Coach Lauren Jackson, Women’s Head Coach

Coach Jonathan Wishon, Men’s Head Coach

Rusty Tweedy, President

Tara Isley, Vice President (Men’s)

Danny Sorrells, Vice President (Women’s)

Shannon Smith, Vice President (Youth)

Dan Pearce, Treasurer

Michelle Puccio, Secretary/Communications

Noel Pearce, Spirit Wear

Geri Das, Concessions

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