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Location : KENNESAW, GA, USA
Booster Supported Organization : High School
Booster Gender Focus : Unisex
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Booster Club IRS Last Date of Filing : 01/03/2016
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Booster Club Gross Revenue Exact Amount : $172,440.00
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Booster Club Focus : Athletics - Swimming

The responsibility of the AHS Swim and Dive Booster Club is to provide assistance and support to the coaching staff and team members by helping the program grow in the areas of finance and organization. Parental support of their child’s participation in the program is essential for a solid foundation and development of the AHS Swim and Dive Booster Club.

The AHS Swim and Dive Booster Club does not determine and process having to do with the running of the swimming and diving program. This includes meet scheduling, who swims what events, practice times or commitments, or any other areas of which the head coaches decision is FINAL. All businesses pertaining to the well being of the swim program will go directly through the Head Coach and, if the coach deems necessary, the administrative liaison or Athletic Director at the school.

Prior to the start of the season, the Head Coach will provide the Executive Board with an estimated amount for the years expenses directly related to the swimmers, including but not limited to: caps, suits, lane fees, equipment, and meet entries. We are made up of an Executive Board that includes a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

There are several committees to be apart of including: Spirit Wear, Food Table, Team Gatherings Coordinator, Fundraising, Website, Banquet, and Meet Workers.  The AHS Swim and Dive Booster Club will gather once a month during the swim and dive season on the first Wednesday of each month. All officers and chairs persons are expected to be in attendance.

There are twelve total events for each gender, including diving. Males and females alternate events. Each swimmer is allowed to swim in a maximum of four events; no more than two of which may be individual events. The fastest swimmers on the team will be scheduled in four events to give the team the greatest chance of winning the meet. Slower swimmers are then used to fill any heats in the other events, again based on the swimmers times in a particular event. Usually, all swimmers compete in four events. Parents are encouraged to come and cheer on the BUCS!

The Cobb County and State Championships allow for every qualifying member of the team to be scheduled to swim. This meet is one of the biggest of the year.

A note from the Coach: I want to welcome you all to the Allatoona High School Swim and Dive Team. I also want to thank the returning athletes for a great season last year. The enthusiasm and spirit are outstanding, and I look forward to an exciting and successful season. My goal for the team is simple; we will focus on technique and endurance at practice, so we can send the maximum number of swimmers and divers to Cobb County Championships and State Championships. This Swim and Dive Team Handbook is designed to answer any questions about policies, practices times, lettering, etc.


President – Stephanie Lawler

Vice-President –

Secretary –

Treasurer – Michele Nettles

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