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Booster Club Focus : Academic - Anatomy, Academic - Astronomy, Academic - Biology, Academic - Classics, Academic - Coding, Academic - Competitive Team, Academic - Economics, Academic - Electronics, Academic - Engineering, Academic - English, Academic - Environment, Academic - Grad Night, Academic - Great Books, Academic - History, Academic - Math, Academic - National Honor Society, Academic - Odyssey of the Mind, Academic - Peer Tutoring, Academic - Philosophy, Academic - Physics, Academic - Psychology, Academic - Quiz/Trivia, Academic - Robotics, Academic - Science, Academic - Spelling bee, Academic - STEM, Academic - Writing
The initial goals for the Lambert High School Academic Booster Club are:
  • Enhance and support the academic curriculum
  • Recognize the achievements of students and staff
  • Provide a venue for parent education and volunteers
  • Student participation and spirit
  • Develop and foster strong family connections to LHS
  • G.O.A.L.S (Getting Obvious About Learning Support)

The purpose of this non-profit, voluntary organization will be to assist Lambert High School and its community by promoting, supporting and sustaining academic endeavors. The LHS-ABC will not exist without authorization of the principal of Lambert High School and must utilize the following by-laws in order to continue as a recognized organization supporting Lambert High School in Clarkesville, GA.

Any parent, teacher or administrator at Lambert High School, any coach of any sport, any director of any activity, all students and any interested business entity can be eligible for a membership. An annual fee may be assessed by the members for membership privileges. After receipt of membership a member shall be considered in good standing for the term of the fee period. Members in good standing shall be eligible to vote on any matter.

Five (5) members will be elected on an annual basis as officers of the LHS-ABC. Officers of the LHS-ABC will consist of a president, two (2) vice presidents, secretary and treasurer. An officer can not serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same position. The officers will accept the responsibility for setting policies as they pertain to the direction of the LHS-ABC. The president, vice presidents, secretary and treasurer shall be vested with the responsibilities of the ongoing implementation of policies set forth by the members.

The Academic Booster Club is Lambert’s parent-teacher-student organization. All parents, students, and teachers are members of the Academic Booster Club, with or without financial contribution. The ABC supports and enhances the education of all students. We strive to donate back to Lambert $10K-$12K a year to help fund departments such as Math, Science, Fine Arts and Counseling. ABC is funded through the school store and your annual donations. Together we can make a difference!

 Drug Prevention- Help educate students about drug/alcohol abuse
 Teacher Appreciation- Help with teacher appreciation week activities in May
 Volunteers- Can’t commit to something in particular? We can use you for various one- time
 Hospitality- Volunteer to make/serve foods for special occasions
 Academic Support- Help proctor AP testing in the spring
 Membership- Encourage family, staff & student membership of ABC
 School Store- sign up to work retail! 7:45am- 8:45am.
 Student Recognition- Encourage recognition of all students in a variety of ways.
 Senior Activities- Help with end of the year activities for Seniors

Lambert ABC board and Dr. Davison would like to announce the 2016-2017 board:

President, Jen Deaton,  [email protected]

Treasurer, Jill Haugen,  [email protected]

VP, Student/Staff Relations, Michele Weaver,  [email protected]

VP Membership, Kim Enzmann,  [email protected]

VP Marketing, Amy Bartle,   [email protected]

Secretary, Kelli Crowder,  [email protected]

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