Make Booster Club Oversight Easier

As an Athletic or Activities Director you probably have relationships with multiple different booster clubs associated with your school. An effective and growing club needs great leadership AND access to the right tools. Even with the growth of online technology, most booster clubs are cobbling together different disconnected tools. In many cases the tools a club uses change with every leadership transition!

Booostr Exists to Solve These Volunteer
Organization Pain Points.

Simplified User Experience

We removed the technical side and our entire platform is NO CODE – meaning ANYONE can use it.

A Single Connected System

Booostr’s tools are designed to be connected and work together – whether its our financial manager, donation tool, communication tools – all communicate together to help clubs operate more efficiently.

Allow For Multiple Managers

Booostr is unique in that we allow profile managers to manage roles associated with their club profile. This means more hands to help better manage the club’s tools!

Easy Organization Pass Off

Booostr is designed to make management passoff as easy as a handshake. In two steps with two users, management is transitioned to a new profile manager and access granted to new leadership.

Booostr = Better Management + Easier Oversight

Central document, communication and financial management mean better booster club management and EASIER oversight by Athletic and Activity Directors. Documents and reports can be easily shared as well as direct access granted to help ensure your school’s clubs are not only maintaining legal status but are operating within the parameters agreed to with the school!

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Leadership in The Know?

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