Booster Club Management

What You Need to Know About Your Booster Club Marketing Leadership Role

Marketing is one of the most important yet most underappreciated aspects of running a booster club. As you organize activities and events throughout the year, you need a leader who can help you get attention and raise the funds you need. That’s why having a booster club marketing leadership role is key to achieving your booster club’s goals….

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Ways to Incentivize Booster Club Volunteers

Supporting a team, or other school function, is a great way to make new friends while positively contributing to your community . To do this, booster club’s must work together and incentivize booster club volunteers to accomplish tasks, like planning a bake sale, seasonal budgeting, electing leadership roles, or coordinating the student section at a hockey game. These shared experiences help bond the team and also teach each member valuable skills like fundraising, finances, organization, administration, and leadership….

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Booster Club Treasurer Leadership Role Explained

When launching or reorganizing a booster club, it is important that each member of the management team has clearly defined roles. Failing to give booster club leaders job descriptions, roles and responsibilities, and balanced limits and autonomy can result in confusion, accidental overlap, or tasks left undone.To avoid the chaos, we’d suggest reading this description of the booster club treasurer’s leadership role. Because when the mana gement team is working in harmony, your booster club can really flourish!…

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Steps to Create a Booster Club Budget

Creating a booster club budget can seem like a daunting task. Your budget will serve as the basis for all of the activities and events that your club undertakes and will inform the decisions that the organization makes throughout the year. That’s a big deal.

Creating a budget is essential to good booster club management and for the success of your soccer team, drama club, or whatever organization your club supports. A good budget shows gives legitimacy to your club and shows donors exactly what they’re paying for.

If you need to create a budget for your booster club, here’s what you need to know….

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Why A Hockey Booster Club Matters To A Hockey Team

Hockey is an expensive sport to play. From skates and pads to sticks and helmets, hockey players have to manage more equipment than the average athlete. And along with the price of ice rink rentals for practice and scrimmages, the cost of running a school hockey program is significantly higher than other interscholastic sports like soccer and volleyball.  But coaches and players don’t have to do it alone. A great hockey booster club can give their team the support they need to succeed in this demanding sport….

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How To Build A Booster Club Leadership Team

Great leadership can make or break a booster club. As dedicated as your volunteers and staff may be, every booster club needs a solid leadership team to achieve goals, manage funds, and guide the organization throughout the year.

You need a reliable, dedicated leadership team at the helm of your booster club. But what if you don’t know where to find the leaders you need? Building a great booster club leadership team starts with identifying great leaders….

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Start a golf booster club to support your golf team

Why should I consider starting a Golf Booster Club at my school? Well, there are many reasons, especially when you consider that there are many sports and activities that students have an interest in! Golf, like many of these clubs and sports, however, most likely does not have the widespread support of something like marching band, football, or even to a lesser extent basketball, baseball, and softball. These typically popular sports and activities certainly benefit from the support of their booster club, why shouldn’t other activities and sports – such as golf – benefit from the support of a booster club as well? Creating a golf booster club has a number of benefits, not just for the sport, but the school, the students, and your local community at large….

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