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Our Favorite Online Marketing Tools For Booster Clubs in 2021

Our Favorite Online Marketing Tools For Booster Clubs in 2021

One of the most important parts of managing a booster club is booster club marketing. With proper promotion you can showcase your club and it’s events to a wide audience to grow your volunteers and raise the funds you need. Some of the best assets to get people to your club can be found digitally in online marketing tools. With the proper knowledge and know-how of apps, websites, and software your booster clubs marketing can reach the next level by being strengthened with online marketing tools.

Below are some great tools we recommend as resources to use for your club this year.

Reviewing online marketing tools to help grow social media profiles.

Social Media Online Marketing Tools

Arguably the most important marketing tool for clubs in today’s technological world is social media.

A great social media app that clubs need to consider is Tailwind. Tailwind is an online marketing app that connects to Instagram and other apps to provide useful tools as well as detailed analytics. With Tailwind your booster club can schedule Instagram posts to send automatically. Additionally the app provides analytics such as:

  • The times of the day you get most of your likes from
  • Measures how successful your campaign is by tracking likes, shares, reposts and more


Pantone color swatch book used for printing.

Online Marketing Tools for Printing and Branding

A big need for any booster club is printed materials. This need comes in the form of brochurs for organizational events such as fairs, itineraries for events, and in this case of marketing things such as posters advertising fundraisers and events. To meet all of your print and copy needs your club can visit some of these great print options below.


Mug created by using Online Marketing Tools for promotional items.

Promotional Tools

A great way to build buzz for your booster club is to give away and market products that advertise and promote your club. The type of items your club can give away is very broad and can range from a simple pen and notepad to an umbrella! Whatever your club decides to brand and market you can find it and design it in one of the promotional online marketing tools below:

  • PromoDirect: One of the biggest promotional product store online. PromoDirect is great for finding a wide array of products to put your name and logo on from frisbees to Mugs and everything in between.
  • Discount Mugs: As the name suggest, this is an online store to order custom mugs. These are great to use to market your booster club as well as serve as prizes for online giveaways to grow your social media account.
  • ePromos: At ePromos not only will you get promotional products for your booster club marketing, but you are also provided many great resources through their education section on their website. ePromos is a great stop to get great products and information on promotions.


Person using online graphic design tools for marketing.

Graphic Design Online Tools

The most important element of a good marketing campaign is the appearance and aesthetics. Behind every great marketing campaign are great online marketing tools. Below are three fantastic sites/apps that will take your booster club’s graphic design to the next level.


Art materials purchased online to create promotional posters and signs for a booster club.

Art Materials

Sometimes you have to do things the old fashioned way. Why create a pixelated poster to advertise your club’s bake sale when you can paint a sign instead? If your club is looking for some tangible booster club marketing materials to do more artsy creative marketing then look no further than Blick Art Materials.

Blick Art Materials is a retail store that offers art supplies like paint, brushes, canvases, papers and other craft materials. No Blick Art near you? No problem, they have a massive website as well turning it into another online marketing tool you can access digitally.


Email Marketing is one of the easier ways to stay in touch with your supporters.

Email Marketing Tools

Booster Club marketing like any other marketing is about being direct. One of the best ways to do this is by marketing to people in their emails. Email marketing for a booster club is a great way to directly reach your target audience and newcomers as well. A great resource for email marketing is Constant Contact.

Constant contact is an online marketing tool that will allow your club to create and craft online marketing emails. Additionally Constant Contact provides the data and tools for your club to monitor your email analytics to see things such as how many people viewed your ad.


Person researching online marketing tools on their phone.

Make the Most of Great Online Marketing Tools

If you are searching for apps and software to create a campaign for your club then you are in good luck. There are countless options and fantastic online marketing tools that will enable your club to communicate in a creative way. Get started marketing with some of the great options provided above!



Need some more recommendations for online services or software? Check out Booostr Favorites – our list of pre-vetted solutions for booster clubs. We did all the research so you don’t have to!

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