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Socially Distanced Halloween Fundraiser Ideas

Socially Distanced Halloween Fundraiser Ideas

COVID has thrown a wrench into the regular operations of booster clubs around the country. Like any business, schools and booster clubs still need to raise money to keep their teams and organizations above water. Amid this crisis, booster clubs are looking for any way to still provide a great experience for the kids and so we put together a few socially distanced Halloween fundraiser ideas.

However, a socially distanced Halloween fundraiser can prove a challenge despite mandated social distancing, even for the most productive booster clubs.

With Halloween right around the corner, we’ll go over some basic ideas for a socially distanced Halloween fundraiser. We have six ways to fundraise for your organization while still celebrating spooky season with family and friends in a COVID-19 friendly atmosphere.

This fall has been put on a slight hold when it comes to Halloween, but that does not mean that Halloween is canceled for good. We guarantee a fun Halloween for your community and a successful fundraiser for your organization with these six ways!


Halloween ghosts and their trick or treat buckets

Socially Distanced Halloween Fundraiser Ideas For Your Booster Club

Halloween Zoom Bingo

The easiest way to organize a socially distanced Halloween fundraiser during this pandemic is to stay at home, so why not bring the Halloween fun virtually to your home. To execute this fundraiser, all you need is access to Zoom, as well as prizes and volunteers.

First, ask the participants to register online and donate to join the Zoom call. Also, ask the participants to dress up in a costume during the game for a chance to win prizes.

These prizes can be awarded to Bingo round winners, as well as the best costume was worn in categories such as “Most Creative,” “Scariest Costume,” and so on. The Bingo game itself can be conducted virtually through Zoom and can be done through an online bingo extension. This is a no-mask required event unless it’s part of the participant’s costume!


Booster Club Socially DIistanced Halloween Fundraiser - BOOster Baskets

BOOster Baskets

Many people like to participate in the fun Halloween tradition called “booing,” where you leave a basket on a friend’s front porch filled with candy and other Halloween goodies.

The point is to surprise someone with a basket, and they “boo” another friend after they get “booed.” This trend continues throughout friends, and can be a fun thing to look forward to if people around you are getting “booed.”

To make this a fundraiser, you can have your organization make baskets for “booing” by including donated candy, baked goods, Halloween knick-knacks, and even spirit wear.

This is a COVID-19 safe way to celebrate Halloween on a budget, while also supporting local organizations. You can even ask local small businesses to sponsor or donate to the baskets to help support them during the pandemic and add value to the BOOster Basket.

These BOOster Baskets can be sold online, or through a drive thru sale.


Socially DIistanced Halloween Fundraiser - Drive Through Trick or Treating

Drive Thru Trick or Treat Socially Distanced Fundraiser

Depending on where you live, neighborhood trick or treating may be canceled this year. Another way to fundraise is to offer a drive-thru trick or treat in the parking lot of your facility.

To set this up, ask for an admission fee or donation to enter and set up different stations in a path that people can drive-thru. You can make each station a different theme for Halloween, such as witches theme, vampire theme, pumpkin patch themed, mummy, themed (volunteers can hand out homemade masks at this station), ghost-themed, etc.

Volunteers can be dressed in costume at each station handing out candy and baked goods donated to the fundraiser.

There may not be the door to door trick or treating in some instances this year, but this fundraiser will offer modified trick or treating that abides by the pandemic social distancing guidelines!


Socially DIistanced Halloween Fundraiser - Drive Thruogh Haunted House

Drive Thru Haunted House

Similar to the drive-thru trick or treat concept, you could set up a course that people drive-thru. This is a great socially distanced Halloween fundraiser since cars are a great way to keep people confined so they won’t spread germs. Ask for an admission fee or donation at the beginning of the course, and provide different scary themes throughout the course.

Use props to make each scary station comparable to Christmas drive-in light shows. Volunteers should be dressed in costume for this and interact with them as they drive by while still practicing social distance.

Each section of the course can have a business sponsor each theme to incorporate and support local small businesses.

You can also do a mummy theme to tie in wearing a mask seamlessly. At the end of the course, each car can be given a treat bag or something small as a reward for making it through your haunted course!

Socially DIistanced Halloween Fundraiser - Drive In Scary Movie

Drive in Halloween Movie Socially Distanced Fundraiser

Another way to fundraise in a COVID-19 safe environment is to do a drive-in Halloween movie night in the parking lot of your organization’s facility. You can ask for an admission fee or donation at the gate and have cars parked in every other spot to ensure a clear distance.

Like the drive-through haunted house, a drive-in is another great socially distanced Halloween fundraiser. Who doesn’t like a scary movie once the leaves start changing?

You can also ask for people to decorate their cars and give out a prize for the best “car costume.” You can also have concessions at the drive-in where people can order from their phones, and volunteers deliver the food to the car.

If this is a successful fundraiser for your organization, you can organize a weekly drive-in movie leading up to Halloween.


Booster club halloween pumpkin carving contest

Pumpkin Carving Contest

For those who would prefer to stay socially distant at home while still participating in Halloween activities, a pumpkin carving contest may be just the event to get the best of both worlds! Have interested participants register online and ask for a donation. Participants will carve their own pumpkin at home to do this activity, take a picture of it, and send it online to your organization.

After the deadline, display all the pumpkin pictures on your organization’s website or social media, depending on what platform receives more online traffic. Organize the pumpkins in predetermined categories such as classic pumpkin face, animals, superhero, most creative, and so on.

Ask followers and subscribers to vote for their favorite carved pumpkin in each category. Whatever pumpkin gets the most votes wins, and the prize can be mailed to them, or they can pick it up depending on their preference.

Conclusion: A Short Note on Socially Distanced Halloween Fundraisers

Many organizations and teams have been put on hold this season due to COVID-19 and need to find ways to fundraise. Through these fundraisers, your organization can bring something for the community to look forward to this fall–all while still staying socially distanced!

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