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Memorial Day Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

Memorial Day Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

Booster club fundraising is an essential part of the organization. Keeping an eye out for creative holiday fundraising is a huge plus and advantage for getting to find new ways to bring in an income. Consider planning a booster club Memorial Day fundraising event to help grow your club revenue. Not only is it close to summer, but the weather is nice enough that outdoor options are open as well as indoors. This time of year is the perfect blend of the best fundraising worlds as you have an ample amount of help and ideas at your fingertips.

Check out these Memorial Day booster club fundraising ideas to help kick start your summer fundraising opportunities.


Memorial Day Fundraiser boot camp event

Booster Club Memorial Day Fundraising Bootcamp

While you definitely can’t put the entire school and community in a real boot camp, you certainly can make a fun obstacle course for everyone to enjoy!

Using the school’s field or the gym you can construct an obstacle course and then charge people a small fee to go and play through it. Add competitions and offer up prizes too. If you turn it into a real afternoon of fun everyone and their families will enjoy it just like they would a small community fair.

To make a Bootcamp at your school you’d need some equipment, but thankfully a lot should already be there and on hand thanks to sports.

  • You can borrow or have old tires donated for a tire run.
  • Get a large rope and a bandana (tied to the middle) for tug-o-war style games.
  • Jump ropes could already be there with the gym equipment as it’s a common school item, but even if it isn’t they’re easy to locate in stores.

Make sure to gather as much as you can for free, even if it takes some prior planning on your part. This will help to drive the costs down. A big thing about boot camps is that you never truly know what objects you have to work with until they’re all there. So while you might brainstorm some creative exercises in your initial planning list, you may find that it needs modifying and creativity closer to the event to make find other ideas using what you have.

Don’t forget to set up a table for cool booster club themed merchandise and another table for food and drinks (especially water) because everyone will get hungry and thirsty during these events!


Engraved Bricks from Booster Club Memorial Day Fundraiser

Personalized Bricks Sale Fundraiser

Some of the most popular fundraisers out there for Memorial Day events are selling bricks. These bricks then get names put on them and become a part of a walkway, wall, or some other attraction at a memorial site for veterans. You can twist that idea to work for you with your Memorial Day booster club fundraising.

You might be wondering what your school needs with a bunch of bricks and truth is if you don’t need a wall or pathway, probably not much. But, you can still take that initial idea of the bricks with names and convert it into a similar fundraiser for your Memorial Day booster club fundraising project.

  • Instead of bricks, you could sell wall space inside a hallway.
  • Names on the ceiling in the gym.
  • Have names placed on support columns where they can be visible to guests and staff.

While these ideas all take some level of planning as far as how to get names there and where to put them, the fundraiser itself is one that would be talked about for decades thereafter. As new students and parents ask why names are placed where they are, someone will say it was a Memorial Day booster club fundraising project for the year 2020, and that in some ways could become part of your group’s legacy.

For something with a little more curb appeal, you could choose to do some landscaping for the school and use these “bricks” as a nice focal point for everyone to enjoy. Picture a nice sitting area with bricks as the ground pavers and a bench saying it was donated by the booster club, now everyone will remember this Memorial Day booster club fundraiser and even passerby drivers and walkers will see it. The small curb appeal given to the school can easily help to draw in more community acknowledgment and support too.


Booster Club Memorial Day Fundraiser BBQ dinner and silent auction

Memorial Day Dinner and Silent Auction

Hosting a dinner and a silent auction is another great Memorial Day booster club fundraising idea that everyone can enjoy. With presold tickets, or tickets being sold at the door, you can offer a nice dinner to guests. Have the dinner catered or have booster club volunteers to cook and students serve.

Reduce your costs by asking people to support a booster club with a donated silent auction item and by asking stores to donate items needed to make the meal. This will help to make your Memorial Day booster club fundraising event much more affordable and help to give you a larger profit.

Make sure that you advertise your event well so that everyone knows about both the dinner as well as the auction. If you’re raising money for a specific cause (i.e. sports equipment, new uniforms, etc.) and have a specific money goal in mind to raise, then don’t be afraid to advertise that along with the event. This will help to give people more of a grasp on what you’re trying to accomplish as well as to give an emotional tie to the event making them more inclined to participate.

When you sell tickets at the door, mark the prices up by a few dollars and as you advertise the presold tickets, make sure to stress that the presold tickets are cheaper. While selling tickets at the door is great, having presold tickets gives you a great idea as to how many people will attend, and from that, you can better plan the event and layout of the floor.


No matter what you choose to do this Memorial Day, your booster club can profit with some great fundraisers. If you’re still looking for some great Memorial Day booster club fundraising ideas check out our other article with 8 fantastic fundraisers for Memorial Day. With so many suggestions your biggest issue will be choosing which one(s) to do. Happy fundraising!

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