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How to Set Up A Booster Club Crowdfunding Fundraiser

How to Set Up A Booster Club Crowdfunding Fundraiser

Booster club crowdfunding is a great way to fundraise any time of the year. So if you’re looking for more fundraising ideas, check out these great reasons to do some digital fundraising with your booster club.

Volunteer showing a Booster Club Crowdfunding Fundraiser to a supporter

Why you should consider booster club crowdfunding

There are so many great and positive reasons to crowdfund, these include (but are not limited to):

  • Being able to make money any time of the year (even when school’s out)
  • Having the ability to grow and promote your booster club on a global scale
  • You can set up, run, and earn money while social distancing
  • You can also run a booster club crowdfunding campaign while you’re hosting other fundraisers (at the same time!)
  • It’s no-cost or low-cost (depending on the platform of choice) and incredibly easy to set up.


Volunteer setting up a Booster Club Crowdfunding Fundraiser online

How to set up a crowdfunding campaign for your non-profit

Web based booster club fundraising is fairly simple, and most of the time it can be set up by a single person on behalf of the group.

You can set it up in just a few steps:

  • Choose a platform
  • Set up an account
  • Create a campaign
  • Set a goal
  • Promote
  • Edit and adjust as needed


Making a payment to set up a Crowdfunding account

Choose A Crowdfunding Platform

Choosing a platform is the most difficult part as there are a lot of very similar websites offering similar results. One of the biggest differences are the fees tacked on.

Not only that, but not every platform is created the same. Some will help to promote your campaign to others on the site, while others do nothing. It’s important to really look at what you’re getting and to compare sites so you can get the best booster club crowdfunding results.

Here’s a list of 4 different nonprofit crowdfunding sites that we personally love.

    1. With easy website integration and zero fees, your booster club can keep all of the profits.
    1. Offers call to action buttons to include on your website and it offers a free basic version or a premium one for only $99 a year!
    1. Using visuals to help draw attention to your campaign, this site is great for getting the message out and including high resolution images and videos. Guests choose how much to donate and can use social share options to help spread the word. Unfortunately, there are fees of 4.9% for using the platform plus 2.9% credit card processing fees and a flat $0.30 fee per transaction.
    1. Offering more options for different fundraising types, and free fundraising tools to generate traffic, and staying connected to donors, this platform can be a great option for nonprofits. There is however a fee of 6.9% for using the platform and a flat cost of $0.30 per transaction.

Set up a crowdfunding platform account

Creating an account for your booster club should be fairly easy. Most of it is filling in the blanks and using commonly known information such as the name and location of the organization.

If given the opportunity, include some nice pictures and general words about the booster club, you can never have too much booster club pride.


Volunteer setting up a booster club crowdfunding campaign on their mobile phone

Set up the campaign

After the account as been created, set up a campaign for your booster club crowdfunding. Include information about your booster club that covers the following questions:

  • What do you do to help the students, past, present, and future.
  • What you plan on using this money for.
  • Give examples of some things you’ve done already.
  • How long has your booster club been around for (when was it founded?)

Also include photos, short testimonials, or whatever else that can help to boost your publicity. You want to show that you’ve already done great things, that your group is trusted in the community and that you will continue to do good too. This will help to make people want to reach into their wallets and donate to the cause.


Fundraising via online crowdfunding campaigns

Set up a goal

Booster club fundraising means that you have a goal in mind a majority of the time. What do you want the money for? How much do you want or need? Make sure you not only have this goal set up with the booster club but also share it with your campaign, along with your online followers. Update how close you are to the end goal often so people can follow along and cheer you to the finish line.


Volunteer showing a Booster Club Crowdfunding Fundraiser to a elderly supporter


Booster club online fundraising with crowdfunding isn’t just as simple as making a page and walking away. The single most important thing to make sure that you do is promote that page. In fact, it’s crucial to continue promoting for the duration of the campaign.

Don’t be afraid to send out share links to your email list, social media channels and everywhere else you think you can get it out and into someone else’s hands. Ask them to share as well. Asking for support via email, social media, and on the phone is a great way to get it. If possible, use the local press for some PR coverage about the campaign so that you can hit a wider local audience.

Getting more people to share your story and your booster club crowdfunding campaign is the best way to promote. You can even include the helpful tip that sharing a link doesn’t cost a thing, so even if people can’t afford to donate at the time, they can still help by promoting the link. This is a pretty tried and true way to get more shares and positive attention to the page!

The more attention that you can draw to your campaign, the better your odds of success. Which means that the more you continue to promote the crowdfunding campaign, the more successful that the booster club fundraiser will be.


Editing a crowdfunding campaign on a mobile phone

Editing Your Booster Club Crowdfunding Fundraiser

As the fundraising for the booster club progresses, you will receive feedback on your campaign, and people will ask questions about how it’s going, and more. Make sure you come back and refresh your campaign by including relevant and updated information. Let everyone know it’s going good or that you need more help. No one will know anything if you don’t tell them, and people love being kept updated on a situation that they care about.


Booster club crowdfunding is one of the best remote fundraising ideas. It brings together everyone within the school, community, and more thanks to the powers of the internet and social media. Utilizing this information can help your booster club to make great progress in their fundraising goals no matter what the weather, season, or time of day.

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