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8 Booster Club Valentines Fundraising Ideas

8 Booster Club Valentines Fundraising Ideas

The holidays may have passed, but don’t get lazy as there are a ton of booster club Valentines fundraising ideas to help lift your bottom line! This is the time of year when we switch from being humbugs to lovebugs, walking around with open hearts, and perhaps open wallets. When we say open wallet we are referring to the estimated 19.6 billion dollars that was spent on Valentine’s Day in 2018! This statistic translates to great opportunities for your booster club to raise revenue from properly themed and timed Valentines fundraisers. To help your booster club capitalize, has put together a list of Valentines booster club fundraising ideas to help grow your booster club’s bottom line.


booster club Valentines fundraising ideas: Valentines Bake Sale

Booster Club Valentines Fundraising Ideas #1: Valentine’s Day Bake Sale

To some, food is the way to their heart. Why not offer sweets for people to give their sweets? One of our classic booster club Valentines fundraiser ideas, the secret ingredient may be love – but the real win here is revenue for your booster club organization. You can have supporters produce your bake sale treats to keep your expenses low, or buy from an outside vendor. Set up shop in front of well trafficked areas, and price your baked with love goods reasonably or let people pick their item in exchange for a donation!


booster club Valentines fundraising ideas: Movies in the park

Booster Club Valentines Fundraising Ideas #2: Love Themed Movies In The Park

Another top booster club Valentines fundraising ideas is hosting an outdoor movie screening, which have made a huge comeback lately. Parks, fields, and amphitheaters are fair game to host in good weather, or gymnasiums, independent theaters and other indoor locations can work in poor weather. Setup is as simple as renting a projector, screen, and speakers. As an added revenue source, you can rent out picnic blankets for outdoor events, or setup chairs and rent out seat cushions for indoor events. We highly recommend creating a concession stand stocked with candy, popcorn, and maybe a grill for quicker meals like burgers and hotdogs. Your main source of income will come from selling tickets to the event, with concession sales and rentals being icing on the cake!


booster club Valentines fundraising ideas: Murder Mystery Dinner

Booster Club Valentines Fundraising Ideas #3: Valentines Murder Mystery Dinner

Was it the butler in the Kitchen with the golf club? Or perhaps the young heiress on the balcony using a crowbar? Mystery is key in this dinner and a show based around love and the Valentines holiday. While not one of the more traditional booster club Valentines fundraising ideas, its definitely a fun one! Feel free to write your own play, or source your script online. Have volunteers from your organization fill the roles you desire or reach out to your booster club supporter community for assistance on this matter. Host the dinner in locations such as your school gym, a community center, or check for local available spaces for temporary rent. Make sure you price your dinner tickets accordingly as that will be your main revenue stream. Additional revenue could come from selling sponsor placements.  Or consider holding a silent auction in conjunction with this fun for all dinner!


booster club Valentines fundraising ideas: Flower Delivery

Booster Club Valentines Day Fundraising Ideas #4:  Flower Delivery Service

Flowers are a staple for Valentines Day, and an easy go to idea for a booster club Valentines Day fundraising Idea. People have no problem splurging on flowers this time of year, especially when supporting a great cause. One way to set up your booster club fundraiser is to buy Flowers in bulk and make your own bouquets. Another less labor intensive idea is to collaborate with a local florist to help with this venture. You can handle delivery yourself or outsource this service to another vendor as well. For an extra fee, feel free to add upgrades to your services such as greeting cards, singing grams, balloons, and other products you feel comfortable handling.


booster club Valentines fundraising ideas: Carnival

Booster Club Valentines Fundraising Ideas #5: Valentines Carnival Event

Carnivals create a fun environment for all ages of your community to enjoy each other’s company. This booster club Valentines day fundraiser idea can go as simple or complex as you choose depending on the assortment of carnival activities, games, and rides you host. Sell tickets that allow people to access the rides, and set prices to participate in the games and booths. Increase your booster club revenue by selling food the event, or hire food vendors and take a percentage of their sales. If the carnival is held right before Valentines Day, be sure to have stands that sell various Valentines related merchandise as yet another great source of income!


booster club Valentines fundraising ideas: Singles mixer

Booster Club Valentines Fundraising Ideas #6: Looking For Love Singles Mixer

They say there is someone out there for everyone, aka plenty of fish in the sea and all. Taking that idea, why not play match maker in your community? While couples are planning their dates, create a special event for the single folks!  This is a simple, yet effective way to help an overlooked contingent on Valentine’s Day while helping out your organization at the same time. Host the event in a public building local event space and be sure to presell tickets to attend.  If an event space is not ideal, consider reserving space at a local restaurant.  Either way this should be an opportunity to capitalize on Valentines Day without competing with the candy and flower providers!


booster club Valentines fundraising ideas: Silent Auction

Booster Club Valentines Fundraising Ideas #7: Booster Club Valentines Auction

Why not hold an Valentines Day related auction of locally donated products, events and services?  With a little preparation you can raise a large amount of money in one night. We suggest asking local event venues, restaurants, stores and service providers to donate whatever they are able for you to auction off. In exchange for their donations, be sure to promote their businesses at the auction through printed materials and as items are being introduced. To add a twist, consider asking your local fireman, police officers, and other willing people of interest to volunteer for a “celebrity” date auction. To ensure at least some revenue raised, you should host a dinner with the auction so that you can sell tickets to the event. Between event ticket sales and money raised in the auction, you should have a stellar fundraising day!


booster club Valentines fundraising ideas: Valentines Dance

Booster Club Valentines Fundraising Ideas #8: Valentine’s Day Dance

It may take two to dance, but that doesn’t keep those peacocks out there from strutting their stuff. A booster club organized Valentine’s themed dance is the perfect way to bring these people together while supporting your organization. Great music, snacks, and ambiance mixed together make for an amazing booster club Valentines Day idea! Sell tickets to attend as your main revenue, then consider adding in concessions and a photo booth to bring in some extra cash. Altogether you will be hosting a great event that supports a great booster club organization!


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but there is still time to take advantage of this time for your fundraising needs. The fact of the matter is that Valentine’s creates ample opportunity for your booster club fundraising ideas that will help your organization generate income. So this coming February, take a leap, plan ahead, and get this year started on the right track.

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